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A Woman Determined to Make a Difference

A Woman Determined to Make a DifferenceImage

Meet Darlene Hunter, President of Darlene Hunter & Associates,LLC, motivational / inspirational speaker, author, life and business coach and the radio talk show host of The Darlene Hunter Show. 
As a young child Darlene knew that she wanted to help others. She was always that go to child and was always willing to listen and help where and when she could. As life moved forward, Darlene was faced with several challenges that should have slowed her down or even knocked her out, but Darlene was determined not to give up. At the age of 17, just two weeks before her high school graduation, she lost her mother to breast cancer. This occurred after years of her witnessing her mother be a constant victim of domestic violence. Her father, which was in the home, was an alcoholic who caused turmoil in the house for all of her childhood. She also experienced a horrible life shattering divorce after a 15 year relationship, this caused major financial issues for her.  She later remarried, after a three year healing process, only to lose her husband to cancer two years after the marriage leaving her with two small children, age five and nine months old. 
After years of heartbreak and disappointment, Darlene did not just throw in the towel, instead she did the opposite. She decided to do what she believes is her purpose and life calling, motivating and inspiring others to never give up. Darlene fought through the pain and heartache and told her story in her book called, Overcoming the Obstacles, Releasing the Winner in You. This book propelled her to share her story to audiences and encourage others as a keynote speaker for conferences and retreats. She has donated portions of her book proceeds to the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Woman with the intent to help others who have gone through this horrific experience. 
Darlene has co-authored two additional books, Getting Well: Mind, Body & Spirit, writing a chapter titled, “The Healing Heart” released March 2013 and The Young Professional Woman, writing ” Persistence & Perseverance”, To be released in August 2013. Darlene also just completed a new pocket sized book titled, “You Are, Just Believe It” a book containing simple reminders to motivate and inspire. 
In addition to writing, Darlene is the host of “The Darlene Hunter Show”, which airs every Saturday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST on the Fishbowl Radio Network, the largest Internet radio network of its kind. The theme of the show is “Motivating Real People through Real Issues”. The purpose of the show is to make life changing differences in the lives of people by motivating, inspiring and encouraging them through life’s issues and challenges.  Darlene can also be heard every Saturday morning on WP88.7 FM (www.gobrave.orgat 7:05am presenting her “Motivational Moments”. 
As a life coach, Darlene stands with her clients to help them identify their challenges and then work with them to turn challenges into victories. She offers complimentary coaching sessions as well as offers up to 10 free sessions to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. 
Darlene is determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Her zeal for helping and exalting people is a God given gift and has been a driving force in her life. This is evident in the way that she touches lives through her messages. Darlene says that she will never stop trying to make a life changing difference in the lives of God’s people; this she says is her purpose and she will do everything she can to touch as many people as she can with her message of never giving up. 
You can learn more about Darlene, sign up for your complimentary coaching session and follow her activity at or email her at