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From My Heart To Yours – To the Families and Friends of the Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School

imageThis blog goes out to every mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, and all friends of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

I have been in prayers for weeks for you and your families. Like so many others, my heart was broken when I heard of this tragedy. I just wanted to do something to make it right. I wanted to cry with you, hug you, hold you, hold your hands and just be there for you and with you.

Today as I was still praying for you, I asked The Lord what I could do to help. I wanted to offer my support in any way possible and help to motivate you to keep living and keep moving forward, but how could I do this being so far away. Today, I decided to motivate and inspire you through my words.

As much as I wish that I could, I cannot bring your loved ones back or change the events that took place that day, but what I can do is share some hope and uncommon love.

I cannot explain the why behind what has happened, but I do know that God loves each and everyone of you and He has not forgotten about you. It may sound crazy right now, but in spite of what has happened God is still in control and He has not abandoned you. I know that it has been hard to understand how a loving God could have allowed for such a terrible thing to happen, but please don’t give up on Him. I believe that even in this God will turn what was so bad into something good.

Your loved ones did not live in vain. Think about the difference and impact that they have made in your lives and the lives of others around them. Think about all of the conversations you had with them. Think about their smiles, their laugh and just that special way they went about doing things. Think about what you learned from them and how they made your feel special and appreciated. Think about how blessed you are just because they were in your life. Think about their special way they loved you and how you have grown from loving them. Think about how privileged you are to have had the opportunity to have loved them.

So don’t be discouraged or despair, but be inspired by how they lived and keep moving forward with your life sharing that uncommon, unchanging love that God has enabled you to experience through your loved ones.

Be encouraged and God bless,
Darlene Hunter
Motivational / Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach