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Darlene is a motivational speaker, the President and Founder of Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC, the author of the book “Overcoming the Obstacles, Releasing the Winner in You” and the Radio Talk Show Host of The Darlene Hunter Show.

Darlene Hunter and Associates, LLC provides speakers intended to motivate and inspire audience of all ages. Our speakers make life changing differences to their listeners. We provide Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Business Speakers, Masters of Ceremonies, Keynote Speakers, Award Host and Conference Facilitators. In the business content we communicate company strategies with clarity and excitement in a manner that will help employees see the future in a positive light, inspire team members to work together, build stronger work relationships and become more productive. In schools, we work with both students and teachers motivating and inspiring them to push harder with a common theme of “Never Giving Up”. Our Inspirational Speakers provide “warm, encouraging messages, based on stories of overcoming great obstacles”.

Darlene is a charismatic, natural leader with a passion for excellence in detail and business. She is very knowledgeable in business operations, grant writing, program development and developing relationships with public and private agencies. She is accomplished in interviewing, public speaking, hiring and interacting with top level management. Darlene is enthusiastic and highly driven. She has been viewed as a top performer throughout her career as well as having exceptional interpersonal, sales and leadership skills.

Darlene is the host of “The Darlene Hunter Show”, which is produced by RKelly Media Enterprises, LLC. It airs every Saturday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST on the Fishbowl Radio Network, the largest Internet radio network of its kind. The theme of the show is “Motivating Real People through Real Issues”. The purpose of the show is to make life changing differences in the lives of people by motivating, inspiring and encouraging them through life’s issues and challenges.

Darlene Hunter can be heard every Saturday morning on WP88.7 FM (www.gobrave.org) at 7:05am and on International Gospel Radio (www.jfmlive.com) every weekday mornings at 7:00am presenting her “Motivational Moments”. She has a passion for people and has always had a heart for encouraging those in need. She is constantly reaching out to motivate and inspire others around her. Her zeal for helping and exalting people is a God given gift and has been a driving force in her life. This is evident in the way that she touches lives through her messages.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about the F factor. I know about it and today I read your simple story and it strengthened me, because of a decision I am in the process of making. so please remember me in prayer,
    Clarence Archibald,
    Phone: 678-421-4855

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